Do I need to have an account to place an order?
You need to create an account to shop with us. But do not worry, it will take just a few seconds to join us and enjoy the shopping experience on UKHWD Supply. You can start your sign in process here.
What are the benefits of creating an account?
  • A clearer overview of all your data, orders (order status and order history), etc.
  • Saved shopping basket - products you would like to buy stays always ready in your bag to be purchased at a later date.
  • Stored several billing and shipping addresses to speed up your ordering process.
  • Keep up to date! Receive email updates on restocked items, discounts and more!
What if I forget my password?
Simply click on the Forgot my password while you are still on the Log In/ Sign In page and you will be directed to a page that asks for your email address. Fill in the necessary information and you will receive an email that dedicates you a new password. Sign in using that one, of course you are always free to change it in your settings on My Information page in Membership Settings.
I want to receive emails and keep up to date. How do I receive your updates?
Stay informed by joining our newsletter or ticking: I want to be notified by email about campaigns. on your Membership Settings.
I don’t want to receive your emails anymore. What can I do?
Just go to your Membership Settings and un tick I want to be notified by email about campaigns. If you are still getting mails from us don't hesitate to contact and we can directly help you.
What if I want to delete my account? Can you help me with that?
Yes, you can request us to delete your account via email and we will delete your information from our database, for a more detailed explanation please visit our Privacy and Cookie Policy.
Can I order Wholesales?
Thank you for your interest in us! Yes, you can! You can email us to to discuss the details.
How can I find a specific product or brand that I am looking for?
If you are looking for something specific, you need to use the Search Bar. It’s at the top of the page, on your left. If you can’t find what you want – which almost never happens - there may be something you overlook:
  • Double check the spelling. Try varying the spelling.
  • Limit the search to one or two words. Let it be as simple as possible.
  • Enter the product code to our search bar.
How can I use your filter?
You can simplify your searching process by selecting some critical parameters with the help of the filter. After you select your preferred product category on our homepage, you will see under the title on the left a Filter option for choosing size, color and body fit. On the right you will see a Ranking option to sort our products based on pricing, discounts or latest releases.
How do I place an order?
  • Be sure to be signed in and after just follow these steps:
  • Go to the product’s page.
  • Choose the Size you wanted for your purchase.
  • Press Add to Basket.
  • If you think that will be all, click on the little basket icon on the top right and proceed to check out.
  • Check your Product Summary.
  • Enter your information to Shipment and Payment Sections respectively. Just be careful and be 100 % sure that any information you enter – address, payment method, delivery details – are correct and completed.
  • After you finish all these steps your order is placed. We will send you a confirmation email and you will be informed of every shipping step. Your products will be on the way!
How can I save an item for later?
You can use the heart icon while you are on the product’s page. To overview all your desired and liked ones, just go to the heart icon you will see at the top of the page, on your right.
Can I reserve an item to buy later?
We really want to offer a fair opportunity to shop for all of you but as our items are often limited, we have decided to not offer a reservation option.
How can I add a product to the checkout basket?
It takes one click – simply click on the Add to Basket on the desired product’s page.
How can I remove a product from the checkout basket?
Click on the basket icon on the top right and press the X that is placed over your selected product. Or click on View Basket and select to either delete one item or clear your basket.
How will I know my order has been successful?
Once you have placed an order you will be informed by a confirmation email.
I placed an order but have not received my order confirmation yet. What should I do?
There's a chance you might not have received your order confirmation if you entered your email address incorrectly. It also might be in your junk mail. If not, let us know and we'll send you another order confirmation.
I have not received my order, can I track where it is?
You can track your order with the help of the assigned shipping company. They will provide a tracking number for you to see where your product is at the moment. If you didn't receive your product in the promised time please contact us.
How long will it take to receive my order?
With the help of Express Shipping it will take 1-5 working days depending on your place of order. You can read our Delivery & Shipping Page for more details.
Canceling or Editing an Order:
In order to cancel an order please contact us via If you decide to cancel your order after the products are sent, contact us again so we can start a return and refund process.
Combining Different Orders:
We are preparing your orders in 1-2 business days, if you placed another order before that preparation time is concluded we will add it to your previous order and send them together.
Missing Items:
In case any products went missing during the shipment process, please contact us so we can solve this issue with shipping companies. If your product is still missing we will gladly start a refund process for you.If your product arrived and something was missing please contact us via with supporting photographs of your products and we will evaluate to do a return and refund
Incorrect Items:
If your product arrived and something was incorrect please contact us via with supporting photographs of your products and we will evaluate to do a return and refund.
Defective Items:
If your product arrived and something was defective please contact us via with supporting photographs of your products and we will evaluate to do a return and refund.
Do you restock your products?
We restock products that reach high enough demand from customers.
How do I know if the product will get more stock? / Do you know when an item will be back in stock?
If the item you want to purchase is out of stock you can click on the bell icon under the Sold Out button to get notified via mail when that product gets restocked.
Are you going to have my size again?
If your size is out of stock, simply choose your size on the products page and click the bell icon to get notified via mail when your size is restocked.


Shipping Policy
You can see our shipping information at Delivery & Shipping
Delivery Options
We deliver with companies such as: FedEx, DHL, TNT and UPS.
Which countries do you ship to?
You can check out which countries we ship to right here.
What are your shipping costs?
The shipping costs vary from region to region. You can see your fee at the check out.
Where do you ship my ordered products from?
We ship all of our products from our warehouse located in İzmir, Turkey. That is our physical store. To see the detailed address, you can check the contact information here.
How will you ship my order?
We will ship your order by one of the listed courier services, mentioned above. Which one will carry your products, depends on the region you live in.
How Can I Know That My Order Is Dispatched?
As soon as your order leaves our warehouse and has been shipped, you will be informed by a confirmation email by the assigned shipping company that includes all the information you will need, especially the tracking information.
I did not get my confirmation email for my order yet. What should I do?
There is a possibility that you entered your email address incorrectly or incompletely. It also may have landed in your junk mail. If both of these situations are not the case, feel free to contact us and let us know about your problem on . We would be happy to help you and will send you another order confirmation mail.
How long does it take you to ship the order?
We spend approximately 1-2 business days to prepare your order to make sure that everything is perfect and complete.
How long will it take to receive my order?
We at UKHWD Supply offer you express shipping service, the days vary from region to region and listed as below.
Europe: 1-3 business days
America: 3-5 business days
Worldwide: 5 business days
Do you offer same day delivery?
Unfortunately no, we require 1-2 business days to prepare and deliver your order.
The Status of my order is still “in process”. When will you ship it?
Please allow 1-2 business days for your order to be processed – this does not include weekends and public holidays. After that point, it is on the courier service. Your tracking information will be sent via the shipping company as soon as your order has been processed.
How can I track my order?
The tracking number and such will be provided to you by the shipping company after we dispatched your order.
Can I pick up my order by myself?
Unfortunately no. However with the help of Express Shipping, it will be on your doorstep in a short time.
Why Is My Order Late?
It takes us 1-2 business days to process and complete your order preparation normally. Sometimes things may go wrong, but we always do whatever we can to bring you with your order together as quickly as possible. If you’ve got your dispatch email, then be sure that it is on its way to you. After we ship your stuff it is up to the courier service, but you will get a confirmation email containing any information you will need to investigate where your order is. Although all these services, if something isn’t right here, please feel free to contact us and we will do anything we can to solve your problems.
My order has already been shipped but I do not want or need it anymore. Can you help me?
If you decided to cancel your order after the shipping process started, please start a return request and we will take it from here. For more information please look into our Returns & Refunds Page.
My order has already been shipped but I need to update my delivery address. Can you help me?
Please contact us as soon as possible if you need any updates for your delivery address. But it may occur that a rerouting of your delivery address may be charged by the courier service. Or there can be delays in your shipment time.


Why is UKHWD Supply pricing special?
It's down to our unique business model. At UKHWD Supply, we are aiming for you to meet our street fashion and style worldwide, expertly curated for you by our team.
Although we don’t have any control over price variation, we will always offer you the best price available to your destination at the time of purchase. To view the most accurate prices, select your delivery destination at the checkout.
Please note: Placing an item in your shopping basket does not reserve it at a particular price.
Will my personal details stay safe?
We keep your personal data private, safe and confidential and only transfer it with your consent or if legally permitted to. For further details, please see our Privacy Policy.
What payment methods do you accept?
Some of the payment methods we accept are as below:
We at UKHWD Supply have a lot more alternative payment methods for you, you can check them from here.
Which currencies can I pay on UKHWD Supply with?
You can pay with Euro (EUR), Dollar (USD) or Pound (GBP) currencies at the moment, we at UKHWD Supply are working on adding more options for you to have an easier experience.
When will I be charged for my order?
The time at which you’ll be charged for your order, depends on the payment method you chose at the checkout point. If you pay by an authorized credit card, your full payment will be taken immediately and you will receive an email confirming that your order has been successful. If your card is not authorized, payment will not be taken and we'll email to let you know that your bank or card issuer won't authorize the payment.
Please notice, that even if your card is not authorized, it may look like UKHWD Supply has taken your payment from your account due to some bank or card issuer may reserve the amount in your account immediately for a short period.
My card is charged, but I do not think my order went through. How can you help me?
Please contact us as soon as possible with the information about the important details such as: the email address you used to place your order, order date and time, order amount, and payment method. We will be happy to solve your problem once we get that information.
How is UKHWD Supply's checkout and payment systems managed?
Our checkout and payment systems are protected and managed by 256bit SSL certificate as our payment service provider and the bank/alternative payment providers.
Will I be charged any additional fees? Like International Bank Fees?
We'll only charge the total amount you can view in your basket. However, keep in mind that there may be foreign transaction fees depending on your bank's policies.
Make sure to check your bank's transaction fee policies as you'll be responsible for these fees – those charges come directly from your bank and are totally outside of our control. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that you won’t be charged an extra fee while placing an order.
Do I Need to Pay Taxes/Duties?
Any type of Taxes and Duties are the responsibility of the buyer.
My payment failed, what should I do?
You need to place your order again, if your payment has been declined. To avoid this from happening again, we recommend you double check the following steps:
  • The card details to ensure all the information that has been entered is correct and complete, e.g your billing address.
  • The expiry / expiration date.
  • Security Code – the three digits on the back of your card.
If you are sure you did everything correctly, then it may help to contact your bank or card issuer for further information. In the meantime you are free to try to pay with another card of course.
What should I do if I’ve been overcharged for my order?
We are really sorry if your shopping experience is disturbed by charging more than you were expecting for your order. Sometimes there is a reason that is not up to us:
The transaction fee policies of banks. We charge you in the currency that is selected at the checkout when you place your order. If your local currency is different to the currency you selected at the checkout then your bank will convert the amount using their exchange rate.
Next time you shop with us, click on the world at the top left corner of any page, then select your currency from the list if it isn't already selected. If there is more than one currency available to you, you'll be able to choose the other currency here too. If you still have the feeling you've been overcharged for your order, then please get in touch with us and we’ll look into it further for you.
Why is there a pending charge for an unsuccessful order there?
For a Standard Bank Process:
If your order has been unsuccessful, you may see a pending charge on your account. This amount of money will be transferred back to your account within a few business days. However, if you have not received your funds within 5 business days, please contact us.
For Alternative Payment Methods:
Please note that all the alternative payment methods we provide are independent payment companies and we have no influence on any step of the process. If you have any trouble with your order, please contact the respected payment company.
Can I get a refund if the price has changed since I ordered it?
If you want to start a return and refund please contact us first so we can make every step of this process an easy one for you.
What is sales tax?
Sales Tax is applied on items shipped to the USA. You'll see sales tax applied to your order, which will be applied for the USA delivery address that you've selected - it may change if you change your delivery address. Sales tax is calculated when the product is delivered to you. The tax is calculated based on state rates and the items you are purchasing.
What is VAT?
VAT, stands for Value Added Tax, and is in the European Union (EU) a general consumption tax. It applies to almost all goods and services that can be bought and sold for use or consumption in the EU.


Returns and Refunds Policy
How do I return a product I purchased?
You can start by getting in contact with us via , depending on your return reason, we at UKHWD Supply will start your process accordingly.
How do I get my refund?
After your product returns to our warehouse and we have completed the necessary quality controls. Your refund process will be handled via the payment method you preferred on your purchase.
The Refunds and Returns Policy does not cover me, can I still return?
Unfortunately, we can only help you depending on our Term and Policies boundaries, however if you have such a situation, feel free to contact us so we can find a way to help you.
Can I exchange instead of a return?
We don’t offer exchanges right now. You can return your item to us for a refund, and then place a new order to get the item of your choice.
How long does it take for my return to be completed?
Due to varying shipping times we cannot give you a specific time period, however as soon as your order reaches our warehouse, you will be informed about the remaining process asap.
How do I package my product for return?
All returns are quality checked – items should be returned in a new and unused condition with labels attached and wherever possible sent back in the original packaging. Refunds will not be given if they do not comply with our returns policy.
I do not have the original packaging you sent, can I return it?
If that's the case, repack your order in a secure, waterproof package with labels and tags still attached and we can continue our return process.
Do You Pay For Return Shipping Costs?
Return Shipping Costs are always in the customers responsibility.
Do you refund the delivery charge?
We will only refund the cost you had to pay during your purchase.(Shipping fee excluded)
How Long Will It Take To Get My Refund?
After your package reaches us, it will take 7 working days to get your refund. Please note that timing can vary depending on your bank as well.
I sent my product in return. What now?
Wait until we send you an email when your product arrives at our warehouse and will update you about return and refund processes.
Can I return more than one order?
As long as your package is attached with necessary labels and tags,we can continue our return process.
How do I know you received my returned products?
We will send you an email via to inform you that your package is with us and we are working on the return processes.


How do the products fit?
You can see the sizes and their measurements on the Size&Fit section of the product you want to purchase.
How can I know that the product fits my size?
We at UKHWD Supply design our products to be as comfortable and as easy fit as possible. You can check our Size Guide for comparison.
How can I be sure that I choose the right size?
You can check the Size Guide to compare our products with your countries size similarities. If you need more information, you can also check the Details section to see their Body fit and Size&Fit section to see exact measurements of our products.
What if my product does not fit?
Please contact us via . You can return your item to us for a refund, and then place a new order to get the item of your choice.
What are the after care instructions? How can I keep my products clean?
You can find the after care, washing and cleaning instructions on the labels inside our products.
Can I find the after care instructions on the product?
All the instructions you need for the specific product in your hand, is ready on the label inside the product.
Are your products you sell authentic?
All of our products without any exceptions, are 100 % authentic, original, genuine, bona fide! They come directly from the UKHWD Supply brand and our designers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are not convinced and have any concerns, we will be happy to help you with all your questions.
Do you have any Cruelty-free products?
Unfortunately we don't have any cruelty free products, we will update you as soon as we have progressed on this subject!


Where can I get a promo/discount code to use on my order?
We at UKHWD Supply regularly give discount codes via our social media, website and mobile app. Follow us to keep up to date with our offers!
Can you help me with my promo/discount code?
If you are having any problems about applying your code, please contact us via
Can I use more than one promo/discount code on my order?
You can only apply one code per purchase.
What are the items I can not apply a promo/discount code on? Are any items excluded from promotions/discounts?
We distribute our codes on a spesific product or category. You can apply your code on their respective products or category at the checkout.
How do I find out about your promotions/discounts?
Subscribe to our Newsletter, follow UKHWD Supply on social media or download our App to find out about our latest products, offers and more!
How do I add a promo/discount code to my order?
You can see the segment on the Payment page during checkout.
My promo/discount code isn’t working. What should I do?
Please recheck the dates of your period of validity and contact us if you are still having problems.
Do you offer a discount or promo for students?
We don’t have special codes for students yet. Follow us for possible offers in the future!



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